Slow Mindful Travel: 5 ideas on how to record your travel memories

Leave your phone switched on for emergencies only and upload your photos to Facebook when you return home. But how will you record those fabulous moments, experiences and new adventures?

Slow Mindful Travel: 5 ideas on how to record your travel memories slow living explore simply

Take a journal with you to write down your experiences. Once you are home, you can then use your notes to produce a blog post or social media updates, rather than on the spot!

Polaroid Photos
There’s nothing better than taking photos in the moment and to remind you to appreciate what you see there and then, without the need to edit a photo with filters.

Take a few art supplies and spend time to mindfully put your sights, sounds, taste and experiences on paper visually.

For many of us it is the distinctive sounds of places that we want to scoop up in a bottle or snap a photo of, which obviously we can’t. However, what you can do is record a few snippets of bite-sized sounds from your adventures!

Instead of searching for exquisitely embroidered textiles, why not collect various fabrics from your travels and collate to create a stunning throw or blanket? The different designs, detailing and craftsmanship from the places and people you met will be a wonderful keepsake!

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