Breathing and Tranquility: What is slow living?

We asked Twitter users to tell us what they really think of slow living. Do they like it? What is involved in slow living? How do they live a slower life?

Lori from Stress Free Kids emphasises the importance of the environment on Slow Living.

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Here are a few very simple tips on creating an environment that supports tranquility, enabling you to live slowly and more mindfully:

  • Touch
    Too much clutter can cause stress and impact your ability to process information, however, it is your own perception of clutter that impacts your mood. We suggest that you remove items from your desk that you don’t need on a daily basis. Keep your space clear and tidy.
  • Sound
    Music is a great mood enhancer and it often helps many of us to switch off – find a type of genre that you’ll notice but not react to. Also consider how sound can be a distraction, do you need the television on for background noise? The same for your phone, is it essential that you hear it beep each time you receive a Facebook notification?
  • Scent
    Lavender, ylang ylang and chamomile are widely promoted to stimulate relaxation and sleep but find a scent that works for you. A few drops of an aromatherapy oil on your pillow before bed can help sooth stress and help you sleep, or relax with a book and a scented candle. But let’s go one step further with this, be more mindful to scents in general – stop and smell the roses, catch a whiff of homemade bread when you walk past a bakery, or enjoy the fresh salty air by the sea.
  • Taste
    Green tea has a host of positive healthy benefits but it is also great at improving attention and focus. Coconut is also seen to alleviate your natural “fight or flight” response, slowing your heart rate and bringing you to a more peaceful state of mind. Eat fresh, local and healthy for a clearer mind, more energy and a slower pace of life.

What does slow living mean to you? Join in the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #ExploreSimply.

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